September 14, 2015

WEEK (wait where are we now...) SOMETHING: WEEK OF FANTASTICNESS

So, here is an account of my companion and our travels in the foreign land of Tulsa OK.

As y'all know, this past week I was transferred from the place of my birth in Fort Smith, AR to my new home in Tulsa. Things are very different here. The people, the ethnicities of the spanish-speakers, the grid system, and the size of the city. 

This last Sunday, instead of the run of the mill 15 members at church, we had 100 members. Yes, pushing it in to triple digits. It was really cool. It is a different world. The city is about 7 times the size of Fort Smith (masomenos)

This past week, we met a lot of families and had the opportunity to meet with the branch presidency. It is going to be a good couple of weeks/months. 

So, crazy things have been happening back home, I guess. Rumors of flames and charred remains of houses and terrible things like that. Some people lose everything when these things happen. Everybody is a little bit chaotic, and scary things happen. But the important thing to do in this situation is to keep moving forward. Man, how cliche can I be... In times like this, the only thing that we can do is have faith and HOPE. If you feel like you are down, confused as to why the Lord would permit something like this to happen, be of good cheer. Christ has atoned for us and knows perfectly how you feel at this very moment. 

Hey, y'all are the best ever. Here's a piece of eye candy

Did you think to pray?

Love y'all

Elder Matthew Busi