September 21, 2015

This week's special: Cloudy, with a chance of South Korea

So, this last week was awesome. 

Not a lot of time to write, but it was fantastic because we had an experience with a church that originates in South Korea. They tried to correct a lot of our doctrine, which was not very cool with me. I held my tongue, though, and the account is as follows:

So this last week, my companion and I went to this church thing (as mentioned earlier). We were OTM'd (or contacted) in a QT by a flock of young girls all inviting us to their house church so we were a little sketched out. We were in a house church (already a different environment) and we were not sure quite what to expect. We walked in and were immediately greeted by two young men who looked as old as we, and to our great surprise, they were the preachers or leaders of the congregation and would be leading this bible study. We were greeted by about 20 other people with remarks like "Hello Brother" and "God Bless You Brother" and "Welcome Brother" and the like. So, we were already beginning to be weirded out. Then, they take us into a back room and sit us down with both of the preachers. One of them leads two of us in a Bible study and the other does the same with the other set of Elders that were with us (tonto elderes de ingles). They were like "what would you like to learn about?" To which we replied "uhhhhh whatever I guess." They were stumped so I was like "tell us what is different about your church." Then, the fun began. It started off with some bible readings from the King James Bible. So, in the Bible, it states multiple times in the New Testament that Christ gave the parable of the Fig Tree. This is true. Israel shall be condemned like a Fig Tree and then shall be gathered back or junk like that. So, we know how to read scriptures and understand doctrine, but he starts twisting a little. It was really uncomfortable. Spirit=not present and we all felt weird haha. Then he explains that a prophecy was fulfilled in the bible when Israel was established as a state in 1948. I thought I knew where he was going, but then he took it farther. He went on to explain that all things in the Bible do not contradict with learned knowledge. Therefore (example time) when Christ states that he will come in the clouds and that he will come with fire, we understand that he will come two times because clouds are made of water and water and fire don't mix (duh). So, yeah, about Israel circa 1948. So, Israel established as a state following WWII. That same time, in fact in that same year, Christ appeared in the East. What is directly East of Israel on the same Latitude? South Korea! Of course! So, their church originates from South Korea and Christ changed his name and they all celebrate all of the Jewish holidays and call the sacrament "passover" because to do otherwise is an abomination in the sight of God. 

​So, after that, we regrouped and read some scriptures. It was pretty funny after the fact, but I learned a lot from it. It shows us that what we have is very precious. The Gospel is a Pearl of Great Price and we know that we must share it with all that have ears to hear. 

I love this gospel. I love the Lord. I love this church.

Stay classy my friends,

Elder Matthew Busi​