July 27, 2015


Dearest compatriots,

This past week was a wonder to observe, with the impending doom of transfer calls always looming in the not-so-distant future. It included a week of the following activities:

As I am still in training, I am able to go and visit other churches willy-nilly, so I figured that I may as well target my pool of investigators current and future by choosing the Catholic Church. It was a really interesting ceremony, with a lot of symbolism, and it explained a lot of beliefs. Mildly funny part: my companion wanted to go up and partake of Communion (a.k.a. bread and the wicked WINE) to which I replied that we wouldn't. In his defense, he didn't know that there was wine up there.

We finally (almost) finished the deck at the Botello's house, and it looks (almost) marvellous. It now has a dark green roof, and it was put on with the expertise that only unskilled laborers (a.k.a. missionaries and a member) could produce. It looks alright and provides a good amount of shade for Sister Botello and her family. We also got to hack a good amount of her tree off with a machete, so woot #RamboPower

We had a terrific futbol event, with our homies Osvaldo and crew turning out to play a couple of games with us. Apparently, there had almost been a scuffle between his crew and another crew that plays with us, so we may have indirectly rekindled some conflicts oops :P

See more in next week's issue (sufficiently teased?)

Caught a (very small) fish today, which was spectacular. It only took me a total of 8 accumulative hours to catch him, so I would say that my proficiency in fishing has... increased. A 6-year-old girl officially out-fished me today, so yay.

This week, the beauty crew (a.k.a. Elder Brown and I) was dissembled. As of next thursday, a number of changes are about to come forth. Almost our entire mission was transferred somewhere or other, and just about everyone received a new companion. For the next 6 weeks/forseeable future, my 24/7 companion/best friend will be none other than Elder Millet. Something that we already have in common is that we were both trained by Elder Brown!

Well, sorry for the lame-ish email this week; we don't have very much time today

Hasta Lunes!!!

Elder Matthew Busi

P.S. For those of y'all who only receive the email, here is the link to observe all pictures of mine. Click and enjoy. 

July 20, 2015



This week we had the opportunity to go the grand, the extraordinary

​Oklahoma City Temple.

It was a marvellous experience, bringing our Recent Convert Jaime and performing baptisms for those who have passed away in the temple. Upon arrival, neither my companion nor I thought that we would have the opportunity to participate, but soon found out that they wished for us to participate. The spirit was very strong, and it was a fantastic experience for Jaime and his brother, Octavio. 

Other than that terrific fact, there were some other, maybe less interesting things that happened. For example:

In economics, there is a saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. That is totally and completely correct. Someone, somewhere pays for that lunch. The thing that economists have not figured out, however, is that there is such thing as a free lunch AND DINNER. My companion and I decided to cash in our once-yearly opportunity to go to Chick Fil-a dressed as cows. The results of our dress can (apparently) be found on the Chick Fil-a Facebook page for Rogers Ave. They are as follows:

​Do not be fooled, this was a picture that was forwarded from somebody else's phone. Please note that missionaries do not, in fact, have access to SnapChat haha​

The above picture was taken at the Crawford's house. Scott is a Returned Missionary that recently came back from Brazil speaking the (dirty version of spanish) language of Portugese. No hard feelings but Spanish is THE language to learn haha. We were talking about all sorts of things, and then he proceeded to demonstrate his skills on the drumset to us. Needless to say, I was impressed and deafened immediately. He learned from nothing and could play heavy metal drumset like nothing I had heard prior. 

We had left to go to our apartment after a long day of work, dressed as above. I had just finished installing new lightbulbs in our apartment (we had lived in darkness for TOO LONG) and was just getting ready to retire to my quarters when all of a sudden the Zone Leaders enter our apartment. This was an occurrence that wasn't too uncommon, but little did we know that they brought with them in tow President Loveland. We had no time to react, no alarms to allow us to prepare, and no Batman-style smoke grenades to throw and distract them. We did what we could and welcomed them nicely into our humble abode. President was very friendly and asked Elder Brown to say a prayer. My companion is a very spiritual, very intelligent person, but when it comes to English prayers, well, he forgot how to. He immersed himself in the language so well, that when it comes to English prayers, he has almost completely forgotten how to pray. When the prayer had finished, President left, and many laughs were had. 

This week, we visited our homies Fermin and Amber. We had a nice appointment in their home and were able to answer some questions and make some progress. They are very eager to learn, but it is hard with schedules to meet with them. Anyway, we finally succeeded in this and were at their house. Everything was going fine, until the baby got ahold of a magazine. She went on a rampage, hitting Amber (her mother) and Fermin incessantly. She proceeded to us, but then turned back because she didn't recognize us. In all, it turned out to be a great lesson, but it was tough with the attack baby in the house. 

Probably mentioned this before, but every week, we go to outreach in Alma. Outreach is a community and faith-based organization that gives food to those who need it, irrespective of circumstances or beliefs. We get to share the Gospel quite often, and help a lot. This week was like every other week, but it was interesting for sure.

FAITH x $30,000:
Our Recent Convert, Jaime, requires more lessons, according to mission and church policy, so we get to teach him everything for a second time. It is really a good thing to do, because it resolves doubts and steadies faith. We were going over the concept of tithing again, and he had some concerns. We explained and asked him some inspired questions, and he opened up about how he had lost $30,000 to an unknown source and that he had been saving up to start a family and move back to Mexico. That was one of the most devastating things that I have ever heard. He resolved that he loved the Lord and would do whatever it takes to pay his tithing.

So. Joe. Whoa. Ha see what I did there? Anyway. Joe was a gentleman that I met on exchanges with the late and great Elder Van Houten. We went to his home and he told us many things about him. We learned that he was from Laos, which is fairly common 'round these here parts, but he spoke very good English. He offered us drinks and we said sure. He started to get out some water, and then realized that, to his great disappointment, he had no cups! He decided to leave us alone in his apartment and run to the store to buy cups. When he came back, he provided us with cups and some cold Brisk Ice Tea. After I had politely placed the Brisk in the fridge and got water, he offered us food. At that point, the Spanish Missionary within me jumped for joy. "YES" I exclaimed, and then he began to cook us some vittles. The food that he made started out normal: some noodles in broth, similar to Ramen. Then, things got a little odd. By the time we received our food, it had some organs of some small animal in it. Not cool. I respect small animals and their respective organs, and was not too pleased to see them floating with my noodles. Anyway, the primary song "Quickly I'll Obey" jumped into my head, and quickly and without tasting or chewing, I obeyed and consumed all of it. 

Daniel and Deliani came to church yesterday! We were super excited, and were determined to make sure that they had an enjoyable experience. I got to go sit in Daniel's class of 9-year-olds and listen to the wonders that escaped their mouths. It was more of an advanced storytime, with everyone sharing about how they knew someone who bullied. It was pretty cool, and I secretly repented of how silly I was as a 9-year-old. It was good though, and Daniel and Deliani both said that they had enjoyable experiences. Deliani is even going to Girl's Camp this week and leaving tomorrow morning. A member of the English ward was gracious enough to pay for half of it for them. 

To conclude, this week was a marvellous experience, and one that I would not trade for anything.

Spiritual thought time woot

Genealogy: DO IT. 
Your ancestors are waiting for YOU to put in 5 minutes and find there name, and then make a quick trip to the temple so that they can be baptized. They are waiting, watching, and when you find them and do their work, how great is your joy. Gordon B. Hinckley said that Every Member is a Missionary. Missionary work may seem hard, or even be hard, but guess what isn't? GENEALOGY. 


Y'all have a blessed week!

Elder Matthew Busi

July 13, 2015

Letter to an Owner-Sick Dog

Dearest Payton,

I know that I have been particularly bad about writing you as of late, but I wish to express my deepest remorse at the thought that I have forgotten you.

If you would, cast your mind back to some of the more enjoyable times of our past together. Remember the late-night walks through the amber fields of grass? Or our special code that we spoke through only our eye contact? How about all of those times that momma would kick me out of the house and we would go sit together on the gravel road and cuddle for a long time? These are some of my most cherished memories.

Remember that one time where we went on a particularly interesting adventure to the Creek? I remember it like it was yesterday; the wind in your hair and your tongue hanging out in delight. Then going for a swim. Ahh, the crisp, cool waters of the brook running past my ankles and you, hardly contained in your carnal state going right in unfettered by modesty. All was well and fine until at one point you got a little too close to the falls. I remember clearly jumping in to pull you to safety before you cascaded with the gallons of precipitation to the small, rocky pool below. You didn't quite comprehend at the time, nor am I sure you will recall this specific instance, but I am just elated that I could remember this incident. 

Now, life here in the mission is spectacular. We meet people each day that speak a different language than you or I. We share the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with all that wish to hear and many that don't. Sometimes, we encounter trouble, as does your cousin, Charlie. They are not as rambunctious or careless, but they have a difficult time understanding our purpose. We coax and prod, but oftentimes to no avail. 

This last week we were able to dedicate a home. It is a bit larger than the wire pen in which you live, but nonetheless, a house. The father of the household was having a difficult time because his wisdom teeth had recently been removed. It was difficult for him to speak and even more difficult for us to understand, so he permitted us to dedicate his humble abode. Kind, flowing words came from the mouth of my companion, and the Spirit of the Lord was in their house. 

Another time, we went to the house of one of our investigators, and found to our great surprise that her daughter was actually a member of our church. We spoke in kind words and asked her if she would come to church this week. To our great sadness, she did not come, but we look forward to working with her in the near future. 

This week was a little different than past weeks, but still just as wonderful. I hope that you are doing fine in wonderful, sunny California. I am sure that the coyotes are howling just the same as they always did, and I hope that you are using that savage bark of yours to keep them at bay. 

Be nice to Charlie this week. He could use it. The poor boy has had a crush on you for his entire life, but nothing has come of it. Let him know that you are his friend and that you are looking out for him. Play with him a little and share your food. 

I hope that you haven't done anything too fun since I've been gone, because I would be sorely disappointed if you have. 

Be careful out there, Payton, because each day brings new trials and new trails. Choose the right trails and many of your trials will be avoided. If, for some reason, you take the wrong trail, know with a surety that your Master will call you back to the trail you are supposed to be on. 

Love you dearly

Elder Matthew Busi

July 6, 2015


​This week was, well, American in so many different ways. 

Firstly, my mission is no longer the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. Those days, while so long ago, seem like a not-so-distant memory. Fast-forward to now. Welcome to the one, the only, Arkansas Bentonville Mission. This last week was a week of breaking records​ across the board. Quite literally every area in our entire mission set a new record because never before has our mission existed ;P It was fantastic. 

Some highlights of the week include: 

DOUBLING THE STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE: Our companionship taught 40 lessons this past week, which was stressful, but definitely manageable. We quickly learned that lessons did not equal progression, however, because a lot of those lessons provided very few results. 

FUTBOL: We had the largest turnout yet at our Futbol activity on Tuesday, with 5 teams organized. We might have to talk the Stake into building another gym so we can play ;P It was great and we are meeting with a number of players that come on a weekly basis. We began our league for Fridays, but our first time wasn't quite as we had hoped. We had about 9 or 10 people show up, which was alright, but we soon found out why. An otherwise average Arkansas day turned to an artificial night, with black clouds creeping over the fields. Then the wind picked up. Like a lot. This storm was moving really fast, and you could see the wall of rain quickly approaching. Before we knew what was happening, buckets of cats and dogs (isn't that how rain works) were falling faster than a flea jumps off of a hot grill in Texas on a midsummer day. we. were. drenched. It was too late by the time we had realized what had happened, and we had parked about a quarter of a mile away. This rain was something else. It was beginning to sting, the wind was so fast. About 3 minutes in to this tormenta del diablo, the field was soaked and there was a patch of particularly slippery mud that was taking everybody out. We persevered. The game HAD to go on. Anyway, the result was that a bunch of huerros won the game and that we went home soaked. Our car still smells terrible and our clothes are still drying 3 days later. 

CICI'S: There is a certain eatery called Cici's. It includes a buffet of Pizza and Salads with Pasta, and is extremely unhealthy. It is delicious and we have been taken by different members there 5 times in the past week. YUM.

NEW PRESIDENT AND WIFE: Just this last week we got a new Mission President and wife and they are spectacular. They are very motivated, ready to go, and love us very much. President Loveland came and spoke to us the other day, and there was actually a bag of potatoes present in the room (by accident). It looks like his Idaho roots are still strong. This is where I insert another funny joke about double standards because in the last week we both achieved the double standard and now have new sets of rules so double standard ha. ha. ha. funny. 

GIFT OF TONGUES: So real. Struggles with the language often come, but this last week when my father/trainer/companion (Elder Brown) left me to go on exchanges with a different missionary that didn't speak Spanish, I thought that my goose was cooked. Right when I was going to the oven to retrieve the aforementioned goose, the Lord stepped in and blessed me with the ability to speak to people in a different language. It was awesome. We had a lot of success that day.

CONFEDERACY LIVES STRONG: This week we saw numerous Confederate flags, almost outnumbering Old Glory. It was quite a different scene, although not too surprising. When the news makes as big of a deal over a flag as it has, people make excuses to fly it everywhere. Somewhere in their patriotic senses, it got mixed up with the Fourth of July, and the result was the confederacy in full force. Now, don't get me wrong, I actually know nothing about what is happening in the news with this, I just know that everybody is mad and that flags are everywhere so don't hate me, just the messenger hahaha

4th of JULY: Consisted of games of Phase 10 with members, watching firework shows, ribs & burgers, hot dogs, Coca Cola, apple pie, an outdoor festival and many more things. This Fourth was very different. It included playing drum beats with pool noodles on exercise balls in public CLICK HERE among other things. It was pretty ridiculous. It was a ton of fun, and we got to share the gospel with many at the fair. The local ward had set up Goldfish Races in raingutters, which was super fun for kids. With each goldfish, they gave out seminary scripture cards attached to the bag. It was pretty great. I got to fulfill my dream of being a carney at a fair and embarrassing myself in public separately. 

Anyway, that was my week. It was pretty marvellous, and had some good stuff. 

Spiritual thought for this week:

So, reading Jesus the Christ by James Talmage and thought that this part was interesting. I will paraphrase so that it is actually understandable:

So Jesus was born in the manger. He was a boy and grew up. The next recorded incident of the Savior is when He was in the temple speaking with the priests and doctors. This was not uncommon, as every boy in that time went through a similar experience, but what was unusual was the look on the faces of the doctors, scribes and priests. They regarded the young Boy with respect and awe and feasted on his every word. The author indicates also that Jesus was just like every one of us, He was born into the world the same way (with the exception of his Heavenly Father), He could feel temptation, and He had a veil placed over his mind. He could not remember the things that occurred before this life, just as we cannot, but came to know through developing His relationship with His Father in Heaven. It even is stated by the author that He did not know His true nature until after He had been baptized by John the Baptist.

So I thought that was interesting, for what it's worth. I know that He is my Savior and loves us all very much.

Stay classy, my peers, homies, and fellow amigos

Elder Matthew Busi