December 28, 2015

Week of JESUS

This past week was one of interest.

Let me just do a little definition for a minute

Pagan- the worship of idols or false gods

Pagan Holiday- a holiday where the celebration includes the worship of false gods

Christmas- So, here's where there is a little problem

Christmas is made to be the one holiday that we can all count on. Each and every year, we have the opportunity to praise the Lord by dedicating an entire day, even an entire season to him.

Ready for the cliche? Christmas is not a season of Santa and gifts and all of that stuff. Being on the mission has made me realize that, and Spanish culture has helped me to see the difference. You see, Santa doesn't necessarily visit Mexico


In Spanish Culture, they celebrate Christ, and the reason for the season. Every 24th of December (the Buena Noche, or "Good Night") is celebrated by staying up until 12:00 at which time everyone gives and opens gifts. The celebration includes the making of Tamales or other foods and  a lot of singing. It is terrific.

January 6 or "Three Kings Day" is when the gifts were brought by the magi from the East. Gifts can also be opened on this day.

Christmas lights are not taken down until February 2 which is the day that Christ was able to rise, 40 days after his birth. Not quite sure why it is chosen, but some good symbolism in there.


Santa- good guy, fun tradition, but if too much focus given, probably not a great thing.

Presents- sign of love, lots of fun, but too much=probably not great

Jesus- Everything

Anyway, I was just kind of tired of people saying pagan holiday, so I did a little research and just found out why people think it is like that.

This last week was great. I got to skype the family on Christmas, and dig a firepit for a member in our ward. We had a lot of fun.

Then, the next day, there was a tornado or two that hit Missouri like a couple of minutes from us

and today there was snow

The weather here is volatile


I love it

Life keeps on going

Learning how to play ukulele slowly, but it is quite fun

Love y'all



Elder Matthew Busi


December 22, 2015

The Week Before Chrismas, And All Through the Mission

Not a creature was stirring, not even (word that rhymes with mission here)

So, successful week this last week. Rogers is literally Zion. This place is bumpin' and we find out new stuff everyday. I love it. 

The YSA branch that we cover is doing very well. We have been pumping them up lots and lots and just got everyone to put their pictures in the Ward Roster so now it looks really pretty. Highlights include a baby picture that someone put up haha. 


This past week, we saw success in a couple of different ways. 

First, we ran into a number of people at exactly the right time. I like to go through our phone. It is pretty alright. So, things I look for are less actives and recent converts that I don't know, and then ask my companion if he knows them. It is usually unsuccessful, so then I just shoot out a text. Pretty easy. So about 5 of the last 7 times that I have done this, we have found success. Usually the subjects of this technique are waiting for us to contact them, and a number of times, we have found that

a. they have just got Sundays off of work
b. they have been waiting for a call from the missionaries
c. they are ready to be active again
d. all of the above. 

Second, we went caroling with the YSA Branch. It was way fun, and a couple approached us and told us that they were going to get married in the Dallas Temple that weekend and were going to be members of the Spanish Branch, which is way cool. We need them, and there are no coincidences that we were there at that time or that Elder McKenzie and I were late (don't get mad at missionaries for being late. We're still on the Lord's schedule) and that we spoke some spanish to each other jokingly. Everything happens for a reason.

It is crazy to think that someone was ready at the exact time that I was here and looking through the phone and at the exact time that they got Sundays off or were thinking about church or whatever the case is. 

The Lord works in mysterious ways

We had a mission-wide conference yesterday, which was spectacular. My companion got up and sang a remixed version of Hallelujah made especially for Christmas with the lyrics rearranged to talk about the savior's birth. It was way cool. President Loveland and family all played dodgeball with us and it was way fun. President goes for the kill haha probably a good way to relieve some stress at certain elders jkjk

Anyway, it's been awhile since I've actually made a thoughtful post/email, but just wanted to bear my testimony. I know that we have a Savior that lives and cares for us. He is none other than Jesus Christ, the son of God. He was born about 2016 years ago and died about 33 later. It doesn't matter exactly what day or where or what Mary was wearing, but I can testify that I KNOW that it happened. I love our savior and he loves me. He died for each of us and suffered for each sin and weakness that we ever have or ever could experience. He knows us individually. 

I love him

Love y'all and have a blessed Christmas. 


Èlder Matthew Busi

December 14, 2015

Roger, Roger

Sorry for no letter last week, but we were cleaning for quite literally the entire day. 

I have been transferred to Rogers, AR and it is a fantastic place here. My companion is from Vacaville California, which is not very far from where I live. 

We cover a spanish ward and a YSA branch, and the work out here is bumpin'!


Not much time

Love all y'all

If you are thinking about letters or anything, the new address is on the blog in the left-hand column

have a blessed day!!


Elder Busi