November 23, 2015

This week, on Busi

This past week was turrific

We got a lot done, and we helped out our zone and district quite a bit. We were suffering there for a while, but we really managed to step things up by a lot.

I hope that y'all are doing fine in the outside world haha. Also, who even saw thanksgiving coming?! It snuck up on us pretty quickly, didn't it? We have a good little weekend lined up, and it should produce some interesting results. To be continued, I guess

Fun story

So, we email in the Family History Center at the church. The family history consultants that "work" or "are called" (I'm not sure which is more proper) in the family history center hate us. They locked us out, changed the locks, barricaded the door, everything. In their defense, there were certain missionaries in the past that broke rules, littered the room, etc. but everything had been forgiven. Apparently not forgotten. So, we have an incredible stake president that understands that hey, missionaries actually like to email their mothers and contact their families. He gave us a key for today so that we could do just that. We were confronted by one of the staff, but then continued to email. And then, just as we were about to pack up and leave, 4 hispanics approach and ask us to come and teach them. If we had left, or hadn't been there, or even still been emailing, they may have just left and never thought about it again. So, lesson of the story

Let the missionaries email their loved ones

Blessings will come

hahaaha but really though it was a pretty  cool experience. 

Y'all have a blessed week!


Elder Matthew Busi



November 16, 2015

Week of WORK


This past week was pretty spectacular. We went to Kansas #otravez and taught a lot of hispanic homies and then came back.

It was really a good week, but not a lot happened that was out of the ordinary. We taught a lot of good investigators. One was kind of a new one. We went to go and teach a less active woman who had been taught by the elders for many years, and it just so happened that her husband was there, who had never had any of the missionary lessons before. And to think, missionaries had been teaching her for YEARS and this was the first time that he had heard us. Pretty crazy that people like him kind of fall through the cracks. He is pretty solid and a cool guy in general.

A lot happened in the news this past week, or so I was told. Apparently my home girl Rhonda Roussey LOST?!?!?! I am not sure who permitted her to lose... But oh well haha

On a more serious note, France... It is really sad to hear that our allies have been hit in such force by our common enemies. This is unacceptable and everybody knows it. This is a time where both political, religious, and cultural divisions mean nothing. Finally everybody is on the same page, and against a common foe. My heart is with the victims of those who suffered and were killed by these barbarians and with the entire country of France while they are mourning their losses. On a spiritual note, we have no need to fear. Those who were lost in this attack have a new, safer place to call home. They are in the spirit world right now, awaiting the resurrection where they will be reunited with their perfect bodies. It will only be a matter of time until we see them again.

Hey, life out here continues on and the work of God always goes forward. I love y'all and hope you have a spectacular week!


Elder Matthew Busi


November 2, 2015




Painted Fingernails. 

Yup. It rained all day this week when we went to Kansas. We worked hard and spoke our spanish. 

We went to a rest home in Kansas, and to our great surprise, some ladies wanted us to paint their nails. We were very surprised, but willing to take on this different type of challenge. All I can hope is that someday it will come in handy when I have some little girls. I now know how to correctly paint nails, and how to carry a conversation while doing it. It only took me about 5 ruined fingernails to get it down haha

This past week was pretty awesome, other than that. We played some Football with our branch, and it was pretty great. Not to brag or anything, but uh guess who made a touchdown reception? ME. haha #tooswole #bulkingseason

Hey, I love y'all and hope that you have a wonderful week! 

Many much love

Elder Matthew Busi