March 28, 2016

La semana de la PASCUA

Happy Pascua folks🐇🐰 

This last week was really cool, and also really hard. 

Every returned missionary will tell you that a mission is a hard thing.

I heard it lots of times

But here is why

You love people, and want the best for them, and work so hard, and they make choices other than to do what is so good for them. This last week, we were expecting 8 investigators to come to church, and 0 showed up. It was a little devastating, but it was Holy Week so most of our investigators were celebrating with their families the different catholic traditions. 

But this past week was awesome because we got to celebrate The Miracle, the greatest of all. The atonement and resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ. 

Some things have happened this past week, including the Brussels Bombing. I can testify that I know that my savior lives and that he loves me and each of us. Scary things are happening all around us, but if we hold strong and follow our Lord and Savior, we will have no need to fear. Those 4 missionaries that were injured in the explosion... My heart goes out to them. No parents ever want to see missionaries come back less than they were before. Props to the missionaries for serving full missions and for their testimonies of the Savior as well. 

This last week we saw some miracles. Some of our investigators that didn't come to church, but we went to their house for a lesson shortly afterwards. We had an awesome lesson and invited them to come cycling with us today. We are excited to see how it goes. 

Y'all have a blessed week! I have been out for 1 year as of last friday, and one more great year to go! Thank y'all for your support!

​#Hallelujah for the Ressurrection


Elder Busi​

March 21, 2016

This week, on WALMART channel

So this last week was way cool. Some cool bicycling stories happened, and here is one for y'all:

These last two weeks, my companion and I have been getting on our bikes a lot. It is not fun sometimes, because they are slow compared to a car, and you have to be to different places on time. But we have been doing it anyways. So it was getting late and we wanted to go get dinner, but we were far away from our car and we wanted to go stop by a family that hadn't been to church in awhile and ask if they had any food. So we started riding and turned on the road. We turned left and went down this huge hill for like 2 miles and ended up at some random old redneck gas station. We found out that we had turned on the right road, but the wrong way and were now in a different city. The only way to get back was to go back up the ginormous hill. I was fine with it, but my companion was like nooooo please nooooo. So I rode behind him all of the way up the hill. He had a hard time making it to the top, but I did alright thanks to my love for bicycling before my mission. It took us like 30 minutes to make it up and it only took us like 10 to come down. We got back up the hill and started riding our bikes the right way down the road, trying to find the house of the people we were going to ask for dinner. We were about to go through a stoplight when I was like "no, lets go to that gas station and ask for directions." So we went there and in the gas station, we saw the person who we were going to ask for dinner. He said that he wasn't home, but he pointed us the right way anyway. So that was a little miracle because we were lost and he was right there. We biked to his house because there was another family in the neighborhood that could give us food if we needed it. We got to the first guy's house and didn't know where to go. All of a sudden, a car pulled up next to us and it was the family that we were looking for!!! They were like "where are you going?" We were like "to your house" they said "no your not haha" and we said "yes we are haha" and we followed them to their house. We got there just in time because the husband of the family had just gotten home from work (you can't go in a house without an adult man present) and he was on the roof and cutting down a tree. He needed some help, so we helped him cut down a whole tree and then they gave us dinner. He took us and our bikes back to our car at the end, and it was the coolest thing ever because we had no intention of doing any of these things when we started. The Lord guided us to exactly where we needed to go and at the right time too. If we hadn't gone down a hill for 2 miles and gotten to the gas station at the right time, or hadn't stopped for a 5 minute break or biked to get to the house at exactly the right time, none of that would've happened.

The Lord has a special hand in our lives, if we just let him

That is the theme of the new Easter video that the church has released. If you have read this far in the post, you definitely have 2 minutes to watch it. The website is way cool and it is called

I would invite y'all to share any of the videos on Facebook or anywhere else. They are a great way to remember the real reason for easter, not the bunny and eggs.

Love y'all

In Jesus Christ, I have found NEW LIFE (click on image)


Elder Busi