August 3, 2015


Brothers, Sisters, Parents, and all to whom this letter is sent by ways of the World Wide Web, email, or the kind anonymous readers of my humble blog:


This last week was AWESOME, with everything from a new companion to a terrific Fast and Testimony meeting. As I am a little short on time, here are some of the best experiences of the week. 

ELDER MILLETT: A kind, humble soul hailing from the great state of Colorado, Elder Millett is the hardworking, loving companion that everyone needs and desires to be. With this transfer, many other companionships in the area immediately around us changed as well. We basically have all new people around me, which is refreshing in a way. Here is a picture of he and I: 

​We speak spanish all day and baptize by night WORD

FAST AND TESTIMONY MEETING: It started off slow and quiet, as most fast and testimony meetings do. The presiding authority shared his testimony with us, and then we were left with the time. I, feeling prompted, got up and shared a simple and probably grammatically atrocious testimony about how I know that the people of Fort Smith Arkansas are ready to hear the gospel. I also related how I knew that we could easily fill the room with new members. I concluded and sat down, and watched as every member of our (small) congregation got up and bore his or her own testimony about missionary work. It was awesome to see that they were all so ready to share their testimonies, and I think that we shall shortly see a rise in member participation.

So, that was most of my update for this week, kind of in limbo with transfers and all, but next week should produce some pretty good stories and such. 

Y'all have a blessed week!

Elder Matthew Busi​