August 10, 2015


My dearest fellow Americans,

This week was a blast (of hot air)

The temperatures soared, tempers raged, and bees stung. 

We had the chance this week to do a number of things, not excluding the following

  1. Using a car-jack to lift a recently-constructed deck to remove an old door from a trailer (complex, I know). 
  2. Purchasing a new door to go on the trailer that was both too large, and could not swing open due to the characteristics of the deck
  3. Mowing three separate lawns on three separately very hot days
  4. Cutting low-hanging tree limbs off with a machete
  5. Yours truly getting stung under the eye by an enraged bee, after which there was an enraged Elder Busi running and flailing and all of that stuff.
  6. Visited a whole bunch of former investigators (A.K.A. People who had been taught by the missionaries before and who did not progress for whatever reason) and found some success there
  7. Took a SICK picture by a car that says "CRISTO VIENE" (Christ Comes)
  8. Went to the lake with some investigators, which turned out to be quite a lame waste of time since we are happy obedient missionaries and can't swim... 
  9. Wrote this email with 9 bullet points
Spiritual thought of the week, 

BE BOLD in proclaiming the gospel/ living your standards. If something is not right, be the one to fix it. 


Elder Matthew Busi