December 28, 2015

Week of JESUS

This past week was one of interest.

Let me just do a little definition for a minute

Pagan- the worship of idols or false gods

Pagan Holiday- a holiday where the celebration includes the worship of false gods

Christmas- So, here's where there is a little problem

Christmas is made to be the one holiday that we can all count on. Each and every year, we have the opportunity to praise the Lord by dedicating an entire day, even an entire season to him.

Ready for the cliche? Christmas is not a season of Santa and gifts and all of that stuff. Being on the mission has made me realize that, and Spanish culture has helped me to see the difference. You see, Santa doesn't necessarily visit Mexico


In Spanish Culture, they celebrate Christ, and the reason for the season. Every 24th of December (the Buena Noche, or "Good Night") is celebrated by staying up until 12:00 at which time everyone gives and opens gifts. The celebration includes the making of Tamales or other foods and  a lot of singing. It is terrific.

January 6 or "Three Kings Day" is when the gifts were brought by the magi from the East. Gifts can also be opened on this day.

Christmas lights are not taken down until February 2 which is the day that Christ was able to rise, 40 days after his birth. Not quite sure why it is chosen, but some good symbolism in there.


Santa- good guy, fun tradition, but if too much focus given, probably not a great thing.

Presents- sign of love, lots of fun, but too much=probably not great

Jesus- Everything

Anyway, I was just kind of tired of people saying pagan holiday, so I did a little research and just found out why people think it is like that.

This last week was great. I got to skype the family on Christmas, and dig a firepit for a member in our ward. We had a lot of fun.

Then, the next day, there was a tornado or two that hit Missouri like a couple of minutes from us

and today there was snow

The weather here is volatile


I love it

Life keeps on going

Learning how to play ukulele slowly, but it is quite fun

Love y'all



Elder Matthew Busi