November 23, 2015

This week, on Busi

This past week was turrific

We got a lot done, and we helped out our zone and district quite a bit. We were suffering there for a while, but we really managed to step things up by a lot.

I hope that y'all are doing fine in the outside world haha. Also, who even saw thanksgiving coming?! It snuck up on us pretty quickly, didn't it? We have a good little weekend lined up, and it should produce some interesting results. To be continued, I guess

Fun story

So, we email in the Family History Center at the church. The family history consultants that "work" or "are called" (I'm not sure which is more proper) in the family history center hate us. They locked us out, changed the locks, barricaded the door, everything. In their defense, there were certain missionaries in the past that broke rules, littered the room, etc. but everything had been forgiven. Apparently not forgotten. So, we have an incredible stake president that understands that hey, missionaries actually like to email their mothers and contact their families. He gave us a key for today so that we could do just that. We were confronted by one of the staff, but then continued to email. And then, just as we were about to pack up and leave, 4 hispanics approach and ask us to come and teach them. If we had left, or hadn't been there, or even still been emailing, they may have just left and never thought about it again. So, lesson of the story

Let the missionaries email their loved ones

Blessings will come

hahaaha but really though it was a pretty  cool experience. 

Y'all have a blessed week!


Elder Matthew Busi