July 13, 2015

Letter to an Owner-Sick Dog

Dearest Payton,

I know that I have been particularly bad about writing you as of late, but I wish to express my deepest remorse at the thought that I have forgotten you.

If you would, cast your mind back to some of the more enjoyable times of our past together. Remember the late-night walks through the amber fields of grass? Or our special code that we spoke through only our eye contact? How about all of those times that momma would kick me out of the house and we would go sit together on the gravel road and cuddle for a long time? These are some of my most cherished memories.

Remember that one time where we went on a particularly interesting adventure to the Creek? I remember it like it was yesterday; the wind in your hair and your tongue hanging out in delight. Then going for a swim. Ahh, the crisp, cool waters of the brook running past my ankles and you, hardly contained in your carnal state going right in unfettered by modesty. All was well and fine until at one point you got a little too close to the falls. I remember clearly jumping in to pull you to safety before you cascaded with the gallons of precipitation to the small, rocky pool below. You didn't quite comprehend at the time, nor am I sure you will recall this specific instance, but I am just elated that I could remember this incident. 

Now, life here in the mission is spectacular. We meet people each day that speak a different language than you or I. We share the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with all that wish to hear and many that don't. Sometimes, we encounter trouble, as does your cousin, Charlie. They are not as rambunctious or careless, but they have a difficult time understanding our purpose. We coax and prod, but oftentimes to no avail. 

This last week we were able to dedicate a home. It is a bit larger than the wire pen in which you live, but nonetheless, a house. The father of the household was having a difficult time because his wisdom teeth had recently been removed. It was difficult for him to speak and even more difficult for us to understand, so he permitted us to dedicate his humble abode. Kind, flowing words came from the mouth of my companion, and the Spirit of the Lord was in their house. 

Another time, we went to the house of one of our investigators, and found to our great surprise that her daughter was actually a member of our church. We spoke in kind words and asked her if she would come to church this week. To our great sadness, she did not come, but we look forward to working with her in the near future. 

This week was a little different than past weeks, but still just as wonderful. I hope that you are doing fine in wonderful, sunny California. I am sure that the coyotes are howling just the same as they always did, and I hope that you are using that savage bark of yours to keep them at bay. 

Be nice to Charlie this week. He could use it. The poor boy has had a crush on you for his entire life, but nothing has come of it. Let him know that you are his friend and that you are looking out for him. Play with him a little and share your food. 

I hope that you haven't done anything too fun since I've been gone, because I would be sorely disappointed if you have. 

Be careful out there, Payton, because each day brings new trials and new trails. Choose the right trails and many of your trials will be avoided. If, for some reason, you take the wrong trail, know with a surety that your Master will call you back to the trail you are supposed to be on. 

Love you dearly

Elder Matthew Busi