May 3, 2015

WEEK 5: The Penultimate week

 WEEK 5: The Penultimate week

So. This week was grand and fun.

At the CCM, after about the first two weeks, you have experienced it all. Not much new happens, but the learning curve is overcome. Progression with Spanish becomes easier and the promptings of the spirit easier to receive.

There is one thing that never changes, however.


Every Tuesday we are treated with Costco, yes, COSTCO pizza. mmmmmmm. and sometimes we get these taquito things. delish.

Anyway, this week was all about learning about subjunctive and other things and it was good, but slightly confusing.

We finished our last lesson with our investigator, Israel yesterday, and he is ready for baptism. He feels comfortable, has a date, and is now passed on to another set of missionaries (not really because he is a role-play).

Our other investigator, Carlos, is a slightly different story. Besides having problems with the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, keeping commitments, and remembering what we teach, he is a golden investigator. We are going to work with him today on knowing that the Book of Mormon is true, which seems to be a major doubt. He understands most of the doctrine, but the Book of Mormon is so essential.

Now, there are people out there who do not necessarily agree with our religion, things we do, ways we are, how and what we believe. These people simply have not read the Book of Mormon with real intent to know. We are promised by a prophet of the Lord that if we read this Book with "real intent, having faith in Christ, the spirit will manifest the truth of these things unto you" It is not a conditional promise. It is a guarantee.

The work for me is about to commence. I leave this, the land of the CCM and the foreign country of Mexico on the 6th en la madrugada.

Ladies, Gentlemen of the world. Be strong. Share what you know and find out what you don't.