May 3, 2015



So. Ties. The only way that an elder can express himself. No colored pants, shirts, hairstyles, anything else, but ties, ties are the way to go. This week wasn't anything unusual, because our routine is getting pretty set. But in summary, we had tie trades galore. I parted with some favorites, and inherited some beauties.

Spoons. So. Some of our friends from the districts who were leaving had traditions to pass down to us. There is a tactic wherein one can place spoons in the beltloops, collars, pockets, and all other receptacles on a missionary. The district that left named me, Elder Busi, Hechicero de Cucharas. It was a title I was proud to hold, but maybe a little bit irreverent. There were a number of days we were placing spoons, but after a while, we felt silly and were tired of the wicked traditions of our fathers. We stopped.

Devotionals. Yesterday we got to hear from another member of the seventy who related to us many personal experiences. It was really cool, and he was truly led by the spirit. He left his dying mother and served a mission at age 17. Before he left he gave his mother a blessing and she was healed.

Classes. On Sunday, we had a class by the MTC president. This was really cool, and he related to us a personal story. He wasn't able to see his first daughter be born because he was at work, but then she passed away. He said that he was heartbroken (you may remember this from conference a few years back. He spoke.) but through his faith and knowledge of the plan of salvation, he was able to know that he would see her again. It was really powerful to hear that, and his testimony was powerful as well.

Thank all of you for your support and loving emails. You can never have enough emails, in my opinion. Hit me up through my contact form at the bottom of the blog or ask one of my family for a direct email!

Stay classy Amador County, Ione Ward, Jackson Ward, Miscellaneous BYU YSA Wards, and everyone else!


Elder Matthew Busi