November 14, 2016

In Other News

Ladies and Gentlemen, the drought has ended.

It has been many moons since last I wrote, and a long time since I have last sent a huge group email. Let it suffice to say, life has been unpredictable.

I will go over some highlights that have happened between the last time that I wrote and now. This is more for myself and my personal recording purposes, so bear with me and my shorthand. This my be incoherent, but hopefully it will not be illegible.

I have been many places and seen many things since last I wrote.

To name a few,

I have been inside the Sam's Club home office in Bentonville

Call me a supplier :)

I have participated in a worldwide missionary broadcast (the first in over 10 years)

Some other updates on people that I taught, found, and loved out in Rogers.

Magdalena, Ana, Davina, David, and I
Ana's Baptism
The Aguirre Family and Elder Noriega
Elder Noriega and Jose!
I love all of these people and was happy to be a part of the change that they made in their lives. It was sure an awesome time in Rogers. I left rogers in late June/early July.

I have served in the entertainment capitol of the midwest, none other than Branson Missouri, home of the live shows. Many of the members have their own shows or perform. To name a couple,

Six Brothers (the Knudsens)

The Brett's

The Hughes Brothers

The Duttons
Among others. It was a pretty cool ward. I loved the members there. It was a trying place, but we were able to have some cool experiences. We met, taught, and baptized some incredible people. I love them lots and lots.

To protect their privacy, no last names, but they are some of my favorite people ever!

DJ! She is so cool and so faithful

Myself, DJ, and Elder Fielding

Stacey! She is so awesome!

Elder Fielding, Stacey, and I

I had the incredible opportunity to train some new missionaries. My first 'kinda' trainee was Elder Noriega all those months ago in Rogers, but since then I have had the opportunity to train the following Elders

Elder Fielding and I at Liberty Jail
Elder Hutchings and I
Elder Butler and I

But life in Branson was good, and difficult. We were on bicycles for a little bit. That was rough. We made it through though.

I am now in Aurora Missouri, a sleepy little Route 66 town in the heartland of America. It boasts a population of 7,000-ish inhabitants and is next to the similarly-sized town of Monett. It is about as diverse, if not less, than my good little town of Ione.

My new companion is Elder Bayles, a cowboy from Colorado. He is a good one. A picture will be included in the near future.

Anyways, enough about me.

I was snooping on and found this video. It is the funniest church-produced video that I have seen in a long time. Check it out!

Love y'all!

Have a blessed week!

Sorry for the information overload, but had to catch up somehow!


Elder Busi