October 5, 2015


So, this past week was good for a number of reasons. And thus begins the weekly

RIGO: So on Monday, we had our preparation day. It was fantastic, and when we got home, we did some planning for the approaching day. This was routine, and we were just trying to decide what to do. So, here comes the miracle. We had been sent a referral through the internet, and we had kind of neglected to contact them. We figured that we would plan it into our schedule in case something fell through. So, I suggested that we put it in after an appointment. 

Tuesday came, and our appointment ended early. We didn't have an appointment for a while, so we went to our next backup. Our backup, a 12 year-old boy named Abraham, was always at his house at this time, but he proved to be absent. Needless to say, we were a little confused at what to do next. We were about to head to someone else's house when we remembered the referral. We were in the area, so we drove the 6 miles to get there. When we arrived, we noticed that there were children in the yard. They all ran inside and the family peeked through the blinds. Not usually a good sign. We approached the door, which was slightly ajar, and they invited us in. 

Rigoberto Flores had been taught by missionaries for a long time, but due to some issues, he was not able to be baptized. He was frustrated at this, and ended discussions with the missionaries. He said that he had not filled anything out online or asked for the missionaries. We were very confused, and the internet said that it was an anonymous referral. His wife was a member, and one of his children as well, but they had not come to church in a long time. She was talking to us about some issues with their marriage and family and earlier that very day, about 1.5 hours before our visit, she had narrowly been missed by a pickup truck that had been t-boned and flipped multiple times through traffic, careening past her. She said that it had been going over 100 mph and it was incredible that it hadn't struck her. 

Rigoberto and his wife said that whenever crazy things happened to them, the missionaries always showed up, and there we were. 

We consoled them and tried to help them. They said that they recognized the light in the gospel and the presence of the Holy Ghost in their lives when they went to church, but since they had stopped, their life had been in limbo. They wanted to get baptized and are getting baptized soon. Crazy how the spirit can work in such interesting ways. 

There were a number of other interesting things that happened this week, but this was the most important. 

Love y'all and have a blessed week!


Elder Matthew Busi