June 15, 2015


Dearest Friends, Associates, Miscellaneous Grizzly Bears, Elder Busi Fanclub, Internet Archives, Email Filter, Future Campaign Donors, and Mom,

We rocked this week. The numbers are in, the investigators taught, and the dinners eaten. This week we had a mission-wide goal to hit the Standard of Excellence in every area. Boy oh boy did we. In all areas (except one) we nailed the Standard of Excellence as a mission, but in our companionship, we dominated. We came out with no fewer than 5 new investigators. They are all super cool, as well. Now, numbers are not anything, but goal setting is SUPER important for missionaries and for everyone in general. Some of the world's most successful people set goals and make plans, and this is the core of missionary work. 

Quantification is Domination 
        -Elder Busi

Anyway. Updates from last week include, but do not exclude:

One (1)- Zone outing: When a bunch of elders and sisters that live in close proximity gather together for a day of festivities or fun as a group. For this specific activity, we participated in a round of mini golf, with Elder Brown and the infamous Elder Nuttall (Senior Missionary) talking trash on each other. We then went to a (very shady) Mexican Food Eatery where I consumed three tacos with three different types of meat. For the uninitiated, this will sound... not the best, but I ate Cabeza, Al Pastor, and Chicharron. I loooooove Chicharron and now understand why my high school teacher talked it up so much (<3 you Senora). 

Five (5)- New Investigators: We met a man named Erik who is super cool. He is really interested in learning and has 3 young children who are suuuuuper cute. We look forward to teaching him more. We met two little girls and their escort (only use this word because it was a lady who was so awkwardly related to them there isn't a word to name the relation) who all loved to have all of the pass-along cards and copies of the Book of Mormon. they are super cool. 

Seventy-one Percent (71%)- Member-Present Lessons: This week we kept it going strong with our member-present lessons. The members really helped us out, which is awesome. It is such a sacrifice for those in our branch because there are so few to help us. They are the reason we live. 

Three (3)- Lawns Mowed: Two less-actives had lawns that required mowing, so what did we do? Jumped to the front of the line and mowed their lawns before the next guys could. The reason this statistic is 3 instead of two is because one member owns four houses, two of which we mowed. Therefore 1 + 4 - 2 = 3?

One (1) Broken Door Fixed: We do what we can.

One (1) Investigator that Moved: He had a baptismal date and everything, but decided to move to Mississippi and not tell anyone, sad :( 

Okay I'm done with this funny list thing. We have been teaching Mayra y su hijos, and she has a baptismal date set for THIS THURSDAY!!! We are super excited and she will be setting a terrific example for her children. 

Now, some good news and bad news. Click on Bad News three times if you would like to see the bad news first, and Good News once if you would like Good news first. 

Psych! Bad news it is. This is the last week with Elder Casper. In no time at all, he will return to the land of his fathers to be buried with his kin (when missionaries go home, they "die"). He has served a full and prosperous mission here, in the land of plenty, but it is his time to go the course of the earth. Next bad news, English Classes are... wait for it... CANCELLED. Sadness. Due to reports of other missionaries' classes failing for lack of attendance, we decided to forgo our plans in search of new ones. Here is the new plan/ good news

GOOD NEWS: SOCCER LEAGUE IS IN EFFECT. The advertising begins. This week we are preparing for the flood. We will be hitting every Tienda, Restaurant, and gathering place with full force. Advertising through members, friends, and families locally. We will have it all, from a trophy to a list of winners to real tournament-style soccer games. It will be the best. 

Spiritual thought for today:  

The rise and fall of dynasties, the birth and dissolution of nations, all the cycles of history as to war and peace, as to prosperity and adversity, as to health and pestilence, seasons of plenty and of famine, the awful happenings of earthquake and storm, the triumphs of invention and discovery, the epochs of man's development in godliness and the long periods of his dwindling in unbelief—all the occurrences that make history—are chronicled throughout Christendom by reference to the year before or after the birth of Jesus Christ.

-Jesus The Christ 

Stay classy, my friends

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Elder Matthew Busi