May 25, 2015

Week 9: Week of America


Ladies and Gentlemen,

This week I am slightly strapped for time, however this past week was successful and diseased. My companion suffered from temperatures in excess of 102 degrees Fahrenheit, so we spent a little time in Urgent Care. That being said, recovery was made and success obtained.

Today is Memorial Day. Today we honor all those who have fallen in battle or who have suffered for their country, this country. This is a shoutout from at least one (although all would gladly shout out) of the missionaries in the Oklahoma Tulsa Mission. Thank you for your service. You will be remembered today.

This past week included rain, rain, and more rain with a side of a million flash flood warning texts to our phone. It was pretty average, considering the fact that we get flash flood alerts basically every time that it rains. Something that was very different was that the river rose many feet and looks very close to the banks. I hope that the inhabitants of the areas very near the river are safe, as they have been thus far. My sources in other areas of the United States tell me that there was severe flooding in Texas and Oklahoma this past week. We feel for you here.

We were in jeapordy of not making one of our goals of lessons taught this week, but last night we managed to clutch it with just enough. We visited less actives and spread the word of God again, and it was awesome.
Sorry for the subpar post this week. It will get better.


Elder Matthew Busi

Some Patriotic Missionaries, if I do say so myself.