April 10, 2015

Week 2

​So, there you have it. Week two consisted of conference conference conference. Thursday and Friday were pretty normal and we finished teaching our first investigator, "Jorge". We then found out that Jorge was our new night teacher and that he had nearly perfect english skills. ​He was a cool guy, though, and he knew much, especially in the areas of companionship teaching unity and such. He has really helped us. The thing with the CCM is kind of interesting. So sometimes there will be two teachers in the room, but lately there have been three, four, even six in the classroom at the same time. May not seem like a lot, but when there are seven missionaries being taught, it is quite interesting. It is the slow season here, though. There is a lot of construction going on, and a lot of cleaning as well. They say that as soon as high school ends in the states, they go from having about 250 missionaries here now to having 1200 or more. Crazy. It is pretty nice to have this place pretty much to ourselves though. 

Saturday and sunday were completely devoted to conference, with small study times and a short devotional between. It was really relaxed and calm, which was awesome. And umm I saw you Caleb Hoyt in the Sunday Afternoon session singing in ASL. Yeah. In Mexico City I got to see Caleb Hoyt. Oh and in Priesthood session? Yeah, Marcus Weatherred, Andra Johnson, even you Hank Hansen. I saw y'all. Good job in that choir. And How about Elder Holland's talk? And Elder Uchtdorf? Yeah. Crazy. 

Something that Gérald Caussé said in his talk that was totally true and totally pertained to missionary work. Something like "Seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost because it will sharpen the senses and improve the memory." Hearing that here, where it is crazy difficult to learn a new language, it is really important to have the Holy Ghost as your companion or else you will learn nothing. 

Monday began with getting not one, but two new investigators, which was interesting. We now plan twice the lessons and twice the scriptures in the same amount of time. Craziness. Oh, and on Monday we finally told Elder Lamoreau that we pranked him. Yeah. We had thoroughly convinced him that he was pranking us, so it was harder when the joke was up... It was pretty much hilarious. 

Tuesday our entire casa left. The house is completely vacant save for our little trio of companions. We own the place. We each have our own showers and bathrooms now, and we received an heirloom from district 5B that was wonderful. It is a bible of each of the missionaries that has passed through that specific district. Since their district died out, the bible, along with the other heirlooms, were entrusted to us. So. We get to add our own books to the bible. 

Today was sweet. We got to visit the house of the lord. The Mexico City Temple is in the top 5 largest temples in the world. Crazy big. But it was closed. The visitors center was beyond comparison. We thought that we had it good in the states, but we are wrong. The church is thriving here. It is really cool to see. The gift shop was cool too. 

"Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both, I want to people to fear how much they love me"
-Matthew Busi
-Michael Scott

Yeah. In all seriousness, though, it is really important to love everyone. I have taught lessons here where all I have done is communicate the doctrine. Let me stress how well that tactic worked: IT DIDN'T. Where there is love, there is the spirit also. Be interested in other people. Be interested in the gospel. 

Yo sé que la iglesia es verdadera. 

Most sincerely yours,
Elder Busi